COVID-19 Updates | March 12, 2020

COVID-19 Updates | March 12, 2020

Dear Residents:

With growing concern around the potential for exposure to COVID-19, and the federal government’s recent urging to take additional precautions, we here at The Village are implementing visitor restrictions in DeMatel/Extended Care and Angelique House for the next four weeks.

Please Read This Carefully.

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, March 13, at approximately 3pm only employees and medical personnel will be allowed in Extended Care and Angelique House. This precaution may seem extreme, but it is intended to keep our residents and employees safe and healthy. Certainly, taking this measure will prompt many questions. The managers here are certainly happy to answer your questions; however, I ask that you allow us time to respond as we are dedicating many of our resources to these precautionary steps.

In addition, we will be asking that our independent living residents limit their visitors to only necessary visits from family and medical providers. We understand that family and friends may visit to provide medications, toiletries, etc. Please, here in the short term, ask your family to visit only if it’s necessary.

Again, while we understand that connecting with family members and friends is incredibly important, we recommend that you connect virtually (through Skype, Facebook, text, and telephone). Resident Services can assist with technical questions you may have for this purpose.

Starting tomorrow at 3 pm, all visitors will be required to submit to a body temperature screening with an infrared forehead thermometer before accessing resident areas. If they refuse to submit to the screening they will be asked to leave.

Lastly, beginning tomorrow at approximately 3 pm we are going to restrict access to the entire community. The only entrances that you will be able to enter through will be the Main Entrance and the Extended Care entrance. So, if you exit through any other community door you will only be able to reenter through the Main Entrance or DeMatel/Extended Care. All FOB readers will be taken offline at 3 pm. Signage will be posted.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jeanette, Fernando, or me. Our public health officials are saying the situation will get worse before it gets better. Please pray for the safety of our community and a quick resolution to this pandemic.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this situation.

Most sincerely,

Paul Harrison