COVID-19 | April 16, 2020 Update

COVID-19 | April 16, 2020 Update

Dear Friends and Family Members:

As we approach the end of our quarantine period, we need to review what comes next for independent living residents.

First, and I must apologize, my count related to the 14-day quarantine was off. The 14-day quarantine will be lifted Sunday, April 19, not April 18. Beginning Sunday, April 19, at 8 am the quarantine will end.

Although the quarantine is ending, we will keep a few of our current practices in place.

Residents will continue to have their meals in their rooms.  Meals will be served at the following times: breakfast from 7 am to 9 am, lunch from 11 am to 1 pm, and dinner from 4 pm to 6 pm. Once we are through the pandemic, we will return to meals being served in the bistro and main dining room.

We will no longer have small group activities. However, Nelly and Andrea with Resident Services will be scheduling one to one exercise classes or exercise classes residents can participate in from their apartment doorways. We are also working as quickly as possible to have a camera added to the assembly room so Andrea’s exercise class can be viewed on closed-circuit television and residents can participate from their rooms.

Residents will continue to receive mail in their mail cubbies. Again, the Post Office will not allow us to take the body temperature of postal workers so we will not allow postal workers admittance into the community.

When residents are out of their rooms, they must wear their masks. If a resident needs a mask Resident Services can provide one. If a resident has a cloth mask, Resident Services can provide care instructions for the cloth mask.

When residents are out of their rooms, they must also adhere to the 6-foot social distancing requirement.

The bistro courtyard will be open for residents to enjoy. Again, social distancing is a must even when outside.

Beginning Monday, April 20, Noah’s Cart, our gift shop, will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am to 2 pm. We may add additional hours if there is a need.

As a reminder, the Mayor’s Stay at Home order applies to all independent living residents. Under the Order, residents may leave the community to take a walk outside, go to medical appointments, and/or to visit a pharmacy to pick up medications. They should not be traveling or leaving to visit friends and/or family. For more information on the orders, please visit the City of San Antonio’s information page at:


We also encourage our residents to continue to ask family members to drop off toiletries and groceries if needed. Many items such a bar soap, toilette paper, etc. can be purchased at Noah’s Cart.

Thank you for continuing to support The Village through this difficult time with prayer and messages of encouragement.

With gratitude,

Paul Harrison