COVID-19 Updates | November 29, 2020

COVID-19 Updates | November 29, 2020

November 29, 2020

Dear Angelique Family Members:

Yesterday evening, The Village received the COVID-19 test results for testing that was conducted in Angelique House on Friday, November 27.

We had three (3) residents and one (1) staff test positive. All four cases are in memory care. The residents and staff on the second floor of Angelique all tested negative.

The three residents are now in isolation and cohorted to one area to minimize contact and the potential spread of the virus.  When in quarantine, managing residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s is a challenge so we are bringing on additional staff from our contracted staffing agency.

We have notified Texas Health and Human Services and San Antonio Metro Health.

Due to our current situation, visitation is suspended. Essential caregivers and healthcare providers can enter.

Nursing staff have, and will continue with, daily assessment of residents for signs and symptoms for COVID-19.

This week we will conduct another round of testing, both in memory care and upstairs, and will provide an update when the test results are available. 

Please, feel free to call the community with any questions. My extension is 140. You may also ask to speak with Jeanette Eisenmenger, The Village COO (extension 157), or Lynda Jennings, The Village VP of Clinical Services and Compliance (extension 213).

As we know, this virus will continue to challenge us in the weeks to come, so thank you for your continued cooperation, support, and prayers, as we strive to fulfill our mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to all those we serve.

Most sincerely,

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison

President & CEO