Resident Q&A, Summer 2021

Resident Q&A, Summer 2021

We asked TVIW residents their thoughts on aging. Read their responses below! 


What is the secret to aging gracefully?

The secret to aging gracefully is to keep cheerful and as physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy as possible.

Accepting with grace the aging process.

Start when you are young.

Yo pienso, que el secreto de envejecer con gracia, es tratar de sentir que debo de hacer las cosas bien, sin sentirme responsable por no poder cambiarlas a mi modo.
English Translation: I think that the secret of aging with grace is to try to know that I must do things right, without feeling responsible for not being able to change the way I am.

Continue to live the same way.

Faith and not worrying.

Information! I think we don’t know enough about the aging process to know what to expect as we age.

Accepting things day by day.

The secret of aging gracefully is being thankful for life and accepting of the present and future. Grow in contemplative awareness of being God’s beloved daughter and his presence in ALL creation. Socialize and value physical activity.

Keep good health practices.

Accept it!

Look to the positive.

Doing most everything in moderation – eating, drinking, activities, etc. Keep your extremes to a minimum.

The secret to aging is remaining calm, cool, and collected. Focus your energy on things that are positive. Don’t dwell on things that are negative – that is a waste of time.

The secret is not worrying about aging.

Being thankful for the Lord’s Daily Blessings and acknowledge this fact constantly.

Faith – Love yourself and what you are doing.

Being active, being social, and eating healthy.

Keep a prayful and joyful song in your heart each day.


What is the most rewarding about getting older?

Most rewarding is the grace of God’s constant support plus family and friends who keep me on my toes.

Time to be.

Counting your many blessings – small or great.

La recompense que he encontrado a mi edad: es pensar que he hecho todo, lo major que he podido, tanto hacia mi familia, el trabajo y en todos los aspectos de mi vida y hacia mis semejantes.
English Translation: The reward that I have found at my age: is to think that I have done everything, the best I could, both towards my family, work and in all aspects of my life and towards my fellow men.

More time to us to enjoy life.

Good health.

Maintaining health and keeping in touch with family members if possible! Or make new friends. Enjoy family while we have them.

Not being stressed with time.

People open doors for me.

More freedom to enjoy time in nature, prayers with friends.

I feel it’s easier to say no if I don’t want to attend events, etc.

I have a better understanding of the world as it is.

You see people’s gifts, not their faults. And you become wiser.

Finally understanding how truly blessed I’ve been for 90 years. It took me a lot of years to get this.

Getting older has many rewards. The benefit of seeing your children and grandchildren grow and develop into productive and compassionate adults is most rewarding.

Not caring so much about what other people think.

Enjoying the luxury of more quiet and learning time daily.

About getting older – I’m a survivor – and a witness to the development of my children.

Less responsibility and more time for yourself.

Memories of our wonderful family and friends through the years. God continues to bless me.


What is the best age to be?

The best age is one’s present age. However, I was excited to turn 16 and get my driver’s license.

20 – not a lot of responsibilities yet! Those come later.

En mi opinion, no hay “La Major Edad” pues cada edad, tiene sus experiencias transformadoras y sus oportunidades de cree ren todos sentidos. Cada dia debo tratar de sus mejor que el dia anterior.
English Translation: In my opinion, there is no “Best Age” because each age has its transformative experiences and its opportunities to grow in every way. Every day I must try their best than the day before

In the 80’s.

70-85. Still very active.

Best age to be is our present age – that is the only age we have to work with. Ability to function independently.

Best time (age) for retirement is 65-70. I had more time to pray and reflect.

13 -Because I knew it all.

Best age is difficult to choose – each phase of life has had its own rewarding adventures.

Personally I don’t like to look back – I prefer to keep moving ahead.

Best age to be is senior age. You’re wiser. You have learned some things about life that you could have used earlier.

50’s was my best time because I was still very active and productive.

The age I am. I still have the facilities to love and enjoy the world God has created.

The best age to be is the age I am right now. I’m safe, comfortable, and able to enjoy all that life has to offer me in this moment.

My 30’s when my children were growing up. I liked playing tourist in the summer and taking my children to the Tower of Americas to eat, the Botanical Gardens, etc.

The best age is NOW, TODAY and the opportunities for spiritual growth at The Village AND my new home here. <3

Best age to be – I don’t really know – You move from one season to another. Retirement maybe of my husband in 1976.

36 – life is more planned out at that stage – less worry!

Right where I am. I am happy being 88.


What should younger people know about getting older?

Getting older is not for sissies!

Aging is part of life.

Observe older people – it will help.

Yo desearía que las personas jóvenes vean a cada persona mayor como un anciano que por su edad tienen una historia llena de sabiduría que sólo viene con la experiencia y mucho amor. Y así puedan ver que estamos dispuestos a ofrecer amor y respeto a cambio.
English Translation: I wish young people viewed older people as people who have a story that only wisdom brings and lot of love. So they can simultaneously see that we are willing to bring love and respect in exchange. 

To see and observe your elders.

Don’t fight aging! Enjoy every moment!

Plan ahead to take care of yourself. 

Don’t fear it.

Old age is a privilege.

To know how to let go – accept physical limitations and learn to accept life as it presents in senior years. 

They must consider listening to good advice because they don’t get the opportunity to make that choice on the day of death.

Prepare for senior age by being aware and living healthy practices.

Not to retire too young – but when they do, keep active as long as you can. 

That they are going to get old and there is no way to prevent it. Accept it and live in it.

I wish younger people knew the importance of staying healthy. I wish they knew that there will be a time when they are isolated from friends and family. It is important to invest in those relationships now with hopes of maintaining them for a lifetime.

That it’s better than the alternative!

The secret of a smile and joy while forgetting about wrinkles. The beauty of natural grey hair and wisdom as the scriptures in Proverbs 20:29 tell us.

I wish they found themselves at a younger age – don’t worry about age – health is important.

Look at older people and realize you will be like them one day if you are lucky enough to live that long.


What do you do to stay young?

Eat moderately, walk a couple miles daily in fresh air, play board and card games with others to keep the mind active and work on jigsaw puzzles.

Talking with friends, exercise, participating in games.

Be happy outward, smile a lot! Be spiritual and pray all the time! Exercise a lot – walk and stay social with friends and make new friends! Stay dressed as well as you can to look sharp and smart!

Para mi en particular sentirme joven no es verme en el espejo así como me veía have 50 años. Al contrario quiero que vean en mi aspecto físico y carácter moral que haré todo lo posible por tenderle una mano a quien lo necesito aunque sean jóvenes o ancianos.
English Translation: For me in particular, feeling young is not about seeing myself in the mirror like I did 50 years ago. On the contrary, I want them to see, based on my physical appearance and moral character, that I will do whatever is possible to extend a hand to help others who need it, whether they are old or young. 

Keep busy and get involved with current events.

Exercise and enjoy activities at TVIW.

Keep old friends and form new ones.

I don’t think about staying young. I try to stay active and help others, to smile at others, greet them and pray for them.

Thank God.

Be joyful and grateful for the gifts of each day. Keep up friendships and continue to grow in comtemplative prayer.

If I knew I could make a fortune.

Keep my mind active.

Keep in the presence of God.

Stay active. Continue doing things in moderation. Stay active and connected to your family if you are blessed enough to be able to do so.

I like to remain active. I enjoy visiting with old friends and meeting new people. I enjoy my exercise classes and gathering with others for bingo and dominos. Water aerobics is next on my list.

Keep my mind active; stay curious about things; Be around young people.

“The JOY of the Lord is my strength” Nehemiah 8:10. I rejoice in the Gift of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – in ALL circumstances and am thankful for HIS PRESENCE.

Prayer and interest in your family – and stay active, read, have compassion.

Exercise, eat healthy, and be social!

I get up early between 5:00-6:00 a.m. and pray. I get down on the floor and do exercises. Then I eat breakfast. Then I’m ready for the day.