Memory Care

“My mother has resided at the Village memory care wing for four months. Was a very difficult but necessary decision. Unlike other homes she is one of a few residents. The warm, professional traditional homelike environment has been an excellent fit for her care. A huge bonus is the Catholic prayerful Christ centered foundation and support. She’s repeated often she has very good care, is well fed and the staff very nice. Our family is very thankful to have found the village, no doubt divine Providence.” – Stephanie H.

Family Testimonials

  • “My Aunt Jane resided at The Village for more than 15 years. The loving care she received was exceptional. We are so grateful to all who made her feel at home.” – Margaret B.
  • “Thank you, thank you to all the caregivers, maintenance, food and cleaning service workers there at The Village at Incarnate Word for taking care of my beautiful mother and all her fellow residents. You have done a great job of keeping her physical, mental and spiritual health at the top of the charts. Many, many thanks to you.” – Linda G.
  • “Before the Village, mom was just existing. Now, she is living!” – Henry H.
  • “I want to thank you so much for your attentiveness and courtesy, and especially for finding such a beautiful room so quickly for Rose. She is happily adjusting to her surroundings and enjoying such good care from the staff…I wish more people could have the ‘Village experience.’ How fortunate we are.” – Family of Rose O.

Sisters Care

  • “Sister’s Care took care of my friend Clayton for almost a year before he passed. The caregivers gave him an excellent life and went above and beyond even when he was in hospice. I will forever be grateful for everything they did for him to make his days easier and brighter. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to find companionship and supervision for a loved one or friend. Their administration and scheduling staff are incredible and care deeply about their clients and also do am amazing job of providing support for friends and family of their clients. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Brett B.
  • “Sisters Care has provided excellent in-home care for my mother. Her caregiver has been wonderful – always willing to help and very kind. My mother is very happy with her. The administration staff has also been great, very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Sisters Care to anyone seeking home health care.” – Melissa S.
  • “Sisters Care has been a true blessing for my mother. Her caregivers are a joy. I can’t say enough about Anna and Adela. The office staff is friendly and always helpful. We’re very thankful for Sisters Care.” – T. Slusher
  • “It’s been about two months since Sisters Care came into my parents home. I am happy to say that from the beginning I knew Sisters Care would be perfect for my mom, whom has dementia. Gloria and Diana, “moms friends,” have brought smiles to mom, dad and of course me❤️😘. Your kindness and patience are unbelievably amazing! Heaven sent!! Thank you!!” – Crizelda M.



Resident Services

  • “I am very grateful for the concierge services. They are so kind and caring. They are willing to accommodate our schedule. Just knowing they are available gives me peace of mind because when I really needed them, they were there for me.” – Sr. Angela (Resident)
  • “Housekeeping staff keep the common areas of our community clean, sparkling, and inviting.” – Sr. Eleanor (Resident)
  • “Grateful for daily Mass, quiet chapels for prayer, a great variety of entertaining activities, maintenance staff, health care services, hair salon availability, and the Wellness Center.” – Anonymous Resident

Life at The Village

  • “It is very beautiful and the staff is very friendly, as are the residents.” – Dorothy M. (Resident)
  • “I am thankful to God for leading me to this Retirement Center. The staff is amazing – so accomodating, kind, understanding of needs and wants. And best yet are the residents who are all so positive and cheerful. It is a pleasure and so refreshing to sit with them for meals and elsewhere. A small anecdote: a resident who is here many years told me the following last week: ‘I had visited several Retirement Centers before coming here, but when I walked through those doors, I knew this was the place for me and I still feel the same.’ Enough said!” – Anonymous Resident

Assisted Living

  • “I am so blessed to be a resident here. Ruth works extremely hard making sure that our medical and physical needs are met! All the personnel are so caring and thoughtful!” – Maria A. (Resident)
  • “All the staff are always ready and available to help if I need anything.” – Gloria C. (Resident)
  • “I am so grateful for all the staff at The Village. We are very happy and comfortable. We get immediate help and support. We are grateful and blessed to make The Village as our home. We can’t ask for more.” – Anonymous Resident

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

  • “A University Nurse Case Manager told me that she advocates for The Village and Sisters Care because her own family chose DeMatel House at TVIW for her Dad and they had a very good experience. She mentioned that her dad received very good care while in DeMatel from admission to discharge.” – Anonymous
  • “Exceptionally clean facility with a friendly, extremely helpful and caring staff.” – John L.
  • “The staff at this facility took exceptional care of my father during his respite care. All of the aides and nursing staff were very attentive as well as the admitting staff. We will certainly return to this facility the next time this is needed. Thank you to everyone.” – Anna D.


Staying Active

  • “The swimming pool is wonderful – great for exercise and socializing. The gym isn’t far behind!” -Anonymous Resident
  • “The activities staff plan so many interesting activities for us which offer us spiritual, social, and intellectual opportunities.” – Gloria C. (Resident)

Independent Living

  • “In Independent Living, the general atmosphere is one of peace, caring, and compassion. It is a great setting for us elders to live out our final years. What a blessing.” – Anonymous Resident
  • “Quiet quarters, beautiful views outdoors, good food, friendly and helpful staff, kind residents and friends. Surely the goodness of the Lord is in this place” – Paula V. (Resident)
  • “I am grateful for the friendly atmosphere and everyone who is willing to be there for whatever needs attention!” – Loretta C. (Resident)

Spiritual Life

  • “Having the Chapel within the complex is very comforting. It is a safe, comfortable and friendly place to live.” – Valerie A. (Resident)
  • “I am most grateful to be living here among all the Sisters. They are wonderful. I am grateful to have Mass and Communion daily. Then we have Eucharistic Adoration daily and the Chapel available at any time. What more could I ask for? The residents are very friendly. The staff is also very helpful and friendly. I love them all.” – Anonymous Resident
  • “The Sisters here are so kind, encouraging, and inspiring. I have had personal experiences with several Sisters where they have helped me when I was in need.” – Patsy T. (Resident)
  • “I am grateful for the Spiritual opportunities, daily Mass, Adoration chapel and other chapels on campus.” – Anonymous Resident
  • “Father Jim is outstanding! I wish we had Bible study every day.” – John M. (Resident)


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