Spiritual Life

As a Catholic Retirement Community, The Village at Incarnate Word is proud to offer our residents many holistic opportunities to enrich their lives. We believe that as sons and daughters of God, our residents are entitled to opportunities to strengthen and improve their physical health; opportunities to maintain and expand their intellectual abilities and mental acuity; opportunities to develop new friendships to maintain and support emotional health; and most important of all opportunities to deepen our relationship with our Creator. We invite you to get involved in praying, studying and serving to continue your spiritual journey.

The Village at Incarnate Word provides four chapels for quiet prayer and reflection:

  • St. Joseph’s Chapel on the second floor of Gabriel House (central to Independent and Assisted Living areas);
  • an adoration chapel on the third floor of Gabriel House;
  • the Jeanne DeMatel Chapel in DeMatel House (nursing and rehabilitation)
  • a prayer chapel on the second floor of Angelique House (Assisted Living B). These chapels are open to all residents as areas for quiet prayer.

In addition, the Chapel of the Incarnate Word, the spiritual center for the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, is also available to residents for prayer and special events. It is adjacent to Ignatius House and directly across from CHRISTUS Heritage Hall.

Family members are welcome to join us in prayer. Annually we offer an ecumenical Day of Remembrance Service to celebrate the lives of residents and residents’ relatives who have died in the previous year. The annual National Day of Prayer and Holocaust Remembrance Day are also observed with Ecumenical Prayer Services.All services are open to all residents and family members. Ecumenical services usually are not held in one of the chapels.


Our Spiritual Life Team members are available for personal conversations and shared prayer.

Sr. Shirley Vaughn, CCVI

Mission Integration Director

Works with Administration and staff to ensure that the Mission and Core Values of The Village are integrated into the policies and practices of The Village; she provides part of the new employee orientation and is available to staff members and residents for prayer and listening. She holds a Master’s degree in Religious Studies.   

Father Jim Rutkowski


Celebrates Mass and all the Sacraments; provides spiritual direction and counselling. He is also a licensed clinical psychologist. He holds Masters degrees in Divinity and Social Work and a licentiate in Sacred Liturgy.

Therese Pieniazek

Spiritual Life Coordinator

Plans and coordinates Spiritual Life programs and arranges for the chapels to be ready for services; she works with ministry volunteers and offers a wise listening ear to residents. She holds a Master’s degree in theology and has several units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

Celebrations of the Eucharist (Mass)

  • Jeanne DeMatel Chapel: Monday through Friday at 10 o’clock; Sundays at 9:30
  • Joseph’s Chapel: Monday through Friday at 11:30; Saturday Vigil Mass at 4:00pm; Sundays at 10:30.
  • Chapel of the Incarnate Word: Second Sunday of each month at 10:30. Residents and family members are welcome to attend.
  • Residents can view Masses from Jeanne deMatel Chapel on our in-house TV channel 1891.
  • Residents can view Masses and other services from St. Joseph’s Chapel on channel 1890.

Holy Days of Obligation are generally are celebrated at the usual Mass times, unless the occasion requires a change in schedule.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is scheduled twice a month and when requested individually.

Anointing of the Sick is scheduled quarterly in a communal setting and when requested individually.

Spiritual Life

Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  • Adoration Chapel daily after the Mass in St. Joseph’s Chapel until 4:00pm, except on the first Friday and first Sunday of each month.
  • St. Joseph’s Chapel on the first Friday and first Sunday of each month from the end of the Mass until 3:00pm. Benediction follows exposition on first Sundays.

Rosary 3:00 in the Jeanne DeMatel Chapel and 4:15 in St. Joseph’s Chapel, Monday through Friday

Protestant Services are offered by visiting pastors/delegates at the request of residents.

Ecumenical Services are offered throughout the year and focus on themes of national/ international importance.

Bible Reflection Group meets twice a month

Various Other Services are offered depending on the liturgical season and occasionally in collaboration with UIW and Oblate School of Theology.

Sacred Music Concerts are held throughout the year in the Chapel of the Incarnate Word on a schedule determined by the Director of that chapel; they are generally free and open to the public.

Retreats (multi-day program of prayer and reflection) are planned with interested residents biennially.

Life at the Village

Grief support and companioning on the journey to eternal life are usually provided by Hospice organizations if the resident has enrolled in a Hospice service. Visits from the Spiritual Life Team can augment visits from the Hospice chaplain upon request of the resident. In the case of sudden imminent death, every effort is made to have a priest anoint a Catholic resident if he/she has not been anointed recently. Otherwise, members of the Spiritual Life team and/or Sister-residents can pray with the dying resident and family, if present. 

Resident Funerals and Memorial Masses/Services can be held in St. Joseph’s Chapel at the family’s request, and are planned individually with the Spiritual Life Coordinator and the Chaplain, keeping in mind the needs of the family, as well as the Community schedule.  Families are usually able to arrange for a reception after the service, if they so desire.

Spiritual Life

Chapels in the Village



The prayer chapel in the Angelique House is on the second floor and is open at all times for private prayer by residents and staff.


Located in the DeMatel House and Jeanne DeMatel Chapel is open at all times for private prayer. It can be viewed anytime on in-house channel 1891.


St. Joseph’s Chapel is located in Gabriel House, second floor, is open at all times for private prayer by residents, family members and staff, and can be viewed on in-house channel 1890.


The Adoration Chapel is in Gabriel House, third floor is open at all times for private prayer by residents and staff.


The chapel of the Incarnate Word is adjacent to The Village and is open daily for private prayer. Liturgical services in the Chapel of the Incarnate Word can be viewed on in-house channel 1892.